Frames has been awarded a contract to supply engineering contractor, JGC Gulf International Co. LTD, with dehydration and water treatment packages for production of natural gas by Aramco Unconventional Gas Program in South Ghawar.
Aramco is developing infrastructure for processing unconventional gas to meet in-Kingdom energy demand and to reduce liquid burning at power generation facilities. The Unconventional Gas Program is a series of projects to be undertaken for Jafurah and South Ghawar. The South Ghawar basin is a key unconventional tight sand gas asset in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

JGC Gulf International Co. LTD is building the main gas separation plant in which the Frames triethylene glycol-based (TEG) dehydration and Produced Water Treatment (PWT) packages will operate. The TEG dehydration package is a liquid desiccant technology for the removal of both water and CO2 from natural gas, thus preventing corrosion problems in downstream processes and equipment. Frames standardized produced water treatment packages reduce the oil-in-water content, typically from 2000 ppmv to 20 ppmv. The separated water is then pumped back into the reservoir to maintain the pressure in the well.
“Frames TEG and PWT packages are compact, skid-mounted systems that can be readily integrated with other plant processes,” says Allwyn Rodrigues, Frames project manager. “We are working closely with JGC engineers to enable their optimum performance for the Unconventional Gas Program in South Ghawar.”.