Frames remains committed to providing service and support for our legacy projects. Our services will meet each individual client’s needs, up-keeping your asset’s performance.


Leading in building an end-to-end green hydrogen ecosystem that addresses every step of operations, offering cost-effective green hydrogen for customers both large and small.

Acquisition of Frames Renewable Energy Solutions technologies by Green Gas & Liquids B.V.

Green Gas & Liquids a provider of turnkey decarbonization solutions, completed the acquisition of CO2 capture and Biogas treatment solution technologies from PlugPower (Previously Frames Group). Green Gas & Liquids is fully committed to upholding the high standards of service and offerings that you have come to expect from Frames. They will uphold an unwavering dedication to excellence in Technology, Engineering, Detailed Design, Project Execution, Quality, Safety, and maintenance serviceson CO2 Capture and Biogas Treatment solutions. Green Gas & Liquids will also provides services and support for the projects and equipment on Frames Renewable Energy Solutions technology, Plugpower (Previously Frames Group) delivered in the past.
Since December 10th of 2021  Frames Group is acquired by Plug Power

Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG), a leading provider of turnkey hydrogen solutions for the global green hydrogen economy, completed the acquisition of Frames Group, a leader in turnkey systems integration for the energy sector. The acquisition of Frames Group added engineering, process, and systems integration expertise to Plug Power, enabling the company to scale the delivery of green hydrogen solutions. Through the acquisition of Frames, Plug Power continues to build out its capabilities to deliver a range of turnkey electrolyzer solutions from one megawatt (MW) containerized systems to 1,000 MW standalone plants.

While we stay committed to providing services and support for the projects and equipment we delivered in the past, Frames'  experience will help scale the delivery of Plug's electrolyzer solutions and deepen Plug Power's presence in Europe. Frames will operate under the Tradename Plug Power, the Netherlands.

 Let’s go build green hydrogen solutions together!

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