We are proud to announce that we are awarded a contract to supply a hydrogen recovery and purification system for the MOL Danube Refinery at Százhalombatta near Budapest. The purification system will recover hydrogen from vent recycled gas, improving the overall efficiency of the refinery’s hydrogen recovery and reducing operation costs.
MOL Group is committed to making efficiency improvements in its refinery processing; this includes recovery of hydrogen from vent gas and utilizing this hydrogen to reduce the quantity of makeup hydrogen produced by hydrogen plants. The Frames system will be used for hydrogen recovery and purification of vent recycled gas produced by the Mild Hydrocracker Unit (MHC). In addition to enabling refinery operational cost savings, the Frames Hydrogen Recovery System contributes to utilization reduction in the hydrogen plants’ natural gas feed and related operational costs.
The Frames Hydrogen Recovery and Purification System features highly sensitive membrane technology from Frames’ strategic partner, Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. (MTR), allowing MOL Group to optimise the required hydrogen purity and recovery levels. It is supplied as a complete skid mounted unit ready for installation in the existing plant. Frames is also responsible for the site interface engineering and will provide on-site supervision during installation, commissioning and system start-up.
“We are delighted to be working with the MOL Group on another project to enhance the efficiency of their refinery operations,” says Denny van Hoof Regional Sales Manager, Frames. “The combination of Frames systems engineering, and MTR membrane technology, ensures our hydrogen recovery and purification units are a cost-effective way for oil refineries to convert low purity hydrogen by-product into a high-purity gas stream for subsequent processing.”
In 2019, Frames was awarded a contract for the supply of two desalters (electrostatic coalescers) to the Danube Refinery, enable MOL to process a broader range of crude oils more cost effectively.