Frames Group B.V. and Twinning Energy B.V. have entered into a close cooperation to offer hydrogen mobility solutions including local, green hydrogen generation options. The cooperation has been formalized by the acquisition of a 50% ownership stake by Frames Group in Twinning Energy.
The transition from fossil fuels to green energy is increasing momentum, with hydrogen having the potential to transform the way we currently think about transportation and mobility. Hydrogen driven vehicles or FCEV’s (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) are an essential building block in decarbonizing the transportation and mobility sectors. The combination of mobility solutions offered by Twinning Energy, including fleet-owner refuelling equipment, with the local green hydrogen generation systems designed and delivered by Frames will allow fleet-owners to begin phasing out fossil fuels today.
In light of these developments and the strong desire to promote the potential of hydrogen for the energy and mobility sector, Frames Group B.V. and Twinning Energy B.V. have joined forces to focus on the delivery of total solutions. Both companies have an established and long-standing reputation in the hydrogen sector. “We are pleased to be able to bring Twinning Energy and Frames together”, states Jordi Zonneveld, General Manager at Frames Group B.V.
“We firmly believe that the sum of our experience and expertise will allow us to offer better and more cost-effective hydrogen solutions to our customers.”
The new partners are ready to meet the needs for the future hydrogen market. “We have experienced an increasing demand from our customers, both local and public, for hydrogen solutions and the possibilities for local hydrogen production. Frames Group has many years’ experience and know-how in the gas processing sector and thus fits well with the hands-on approach of Twinning Energy when it comes to meeting the demand for this and our other services,” says Wim Peels, General Manager at Twinning Energy.
Frames Group B.V. and Twinning Energy B.V. are the right partners for the next phase in the transition to cleaner energy. As more and more projects need to be realized, the companies are well positioned to ensure the smooth introduction of hydrogen solutions.