Key building block in electricity distribution from renewable energy

Marking the sale of another commercial electrolyzer, we have supplied a 25kW hydrogen electrolyzer to Plug Power, a leading provider of clean hydrogen and zero-emission fuel cell solutions. Working in collaboration with Plug Power, the Frames Electrolyzer design has been integrated into the 25kW GenFuel electrolyzer recently delivered to Japan.
Green hydrogen production from renewable sources is pivotal to overcoming the challenge of integrating solar energy electricity sources into traditional electricity grid networks. Hydrogen provides a means of efficiently storing large quantities of energy for extended periods of time. Frames PEM electrolyzer systems provide a robust and turn-key solution to generate hydrogen from water and electricity. Typically, a 25kW PEM electrolyzer will produce 0.5kg of hydrogen per hour for energy storage or fuel cell applications.
For this project, the Frames electrolyzer is integrated in a customized enclosure. The self-contained unit features demineralised water generation including continuous anode water conditioning. Hydrogen generated in the unit’s Merrimack stack is then treated and conditioned to achieve 99.999% purity.
Frames is also capable of providing storage solutions in the form of compression or Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers for storing and transporting multiple tonnes of hydrogen per day.
“The combination of Frames 25kW Balance-of-Plant and Plug Power’s electrolyzer stack is an important milestone in the collaboration between Frames and Plug Power,” says Hector Maza, VP Electrolyzer Sales, Plug Power. “The 25kW GenFuel electrolyzer is a crucial development in the renewable portfolio of Frames and serves as the foundation for their MW-scale electrolyzers and endeavours in renewable energy”.

Frames - Growing Hydrogen Processing Expertise

As a leading systems developer and integrator of energy systems, Frames has a growing range of hydrogen processing technologies including electrolyzers, purification, underground storage, liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC), compression and green hydrogen process integration.