Chemical Injection

Frames chemical injection systems are an essential component in reducing the effects of hydrate and wax build up and associated flow assurance problems, as well as for treating produced water prior to discharge or reinjection into a reservoir. Our chemical injection systems protect and prolong the lifetime of pipelines and process equipment. We design and manufacture custom-built injection systems for a broad range of process applications both offshore and onshore. The choice of chemicals, injection rates and pressures are just a few of the factors that are fine tuned to ensure optimum performance.
Frames systems are supplied as compact, fully integrated, skid mounted units. Manufactured from high-end materials, they comprise tanks, pumps, piping and control instrumentation. Widely used on FPSOs, and manned and unmanned platforms, Frames chemical injection systems and set the benchmark for operating efficiency and reliability.


Oil & Gas production processes
(Produced) water treatment
Hydrate control in pipelines
Topside and Sub-sea production wells


Chemical Injection Packages
Methanol Injection Packages
Chemical Distribution Packages

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Chemical Injection Advantages

Frames solutions are custom-built for best performance in your actual operating conditions
Process guarantee and single-point accountability for the complete design ensures client satisfaction
Full design, build and commissioning service for guaranteed progress and single-point accountability
Cost-effective modular design which results in low installation and operating cost

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