Our products

Frames takes a lean and pragmatic approach to services. We develop our services to provide the reliable performance that our systems and solutions are known for. Based on our hands-on expertise and service framework, we customise our services to meet each individual client’s needs.

To increase availability and efficiency we have a fully equipped repair and reconditioning shop. This facility enables us to perform the hands-on maintenance services mentioned above in a controlled environment, which helps to reduce time and costs.

Questions regarding Services? Contact us via services@frames-group.com

Questions regarding Spare Parts? Contact us via spareparts@frames-group.com

Services Repair and Reconditioning Shop

To support services and aftersales activities and to be of service to clients, Frames has set up a Services Repair and Reconditioning Shop. Besides spare parts, the shop also has test equipment and special tools to repair the most common equipment in the industry.  

Engineering Studies

Frames actively carries out research & development in order to sustain its technological expertise on a par with the latest innovations and developments in the upstream oil & gas industry. The field of sustainable / renewable energy is another focus area. In addition to sustainable process technology in the upstream oil and gas industry, which focuses on all kinds of technologies that allow for efficiency and energy consumption improvements, the use of “green” energy is part of the technology R&D program. Our various engineering departments play an active role in this process, specifically the R&D Engineers, who execute our established R&D programs. Through innovative ideas and engineering, we are able to stay at the forefront of development in the industry. The R&D programs are executed both on an in-house or consortium basis and in the form of partnerships, allowing for common funding and sharing of the results.

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