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Frames innovation focuses in particular on the use of our expertise and technologies in applications where novel technologies provide a proper business model for all application or subject stakeholders. Areas of interest include stranded fields, marginal fields, unconventional resources like shale gas and shale or tight oil, in subsea or other remote and “hard-to-reach” locations.

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Innovation and certification

We focus on modularization of the hardware we design and supply to the market. We can engineer any innovation into these modules (skids) allowing us to minimize plot space, weight, energy consumption, on-site installation / commissioning and maintenance time, etc., while allowing for ease of transport to the work locations. Downscaling of larger processing equipment or processes like NGL, LNG, or GTL also play an important role.

In the end an entire production facility for a small to mid-scale upstream oil & gas operation consists of modularized packages, which together comprise the surface facilities required to allow proper treatment of the produced hydrocarbons, resulting in products suitable for further treatment, serving as feedstock or as a fuel.

Frames caters for R&D enabling us to provide the industry and operating companies with cutting-edge technologies to maximize production from the assets currently left aside or producing at low efficiency, in a commercially viable way.

Research and Development partners

Currently Frames participates in several research programs set up under the Dutch TKI umbrellas of TKI Gas and TKI ISPT (TKI = Top consortia for Knowledge & Innovation).

These programs focus on energy consumption savings within the process researched, and innovative technology applications for the topics at hand: produced water treatment (related to natural gas production), and gas treatment and separation for sour gas applications.

Partners in these consortia include various Dutch universities of technology such as TU Delft, TU Twente, TU Eindhoven, University of Groningen, etc.

Many of our clients are partners in the research programs that we participate in. In projects involving a one-on-one endeavor we work together closely on a daily basis.

We have partners in a variety of sectors, including Shell, Wintershall, Gaz de France, Twister, ECN, TNO & Wageningen University – to name a few.

Sustainability in oil and gas

Optimization of the renewable energy aspects or sustainable design of our packages is part of a continuous and comprehensive effort at Frames – ranging from solar power to provide energy to our remotely installed well-site skids to biogas (green gas) installations.

Apart from the green gas applications, CO2 capture is part of the research currently taken up and implemented into our product portfolio. Most of these topics have one thing in common: they concern low-pressure applications on a smaller scale compared to conventional applications in the oil & gas industry, although the same type of treatment is required to make the green gas suitable for consumption.

ISO 9001 certification

Frames is driven by the aim to supply the highest quality products and services to our clients, wherever and whenever they need them. To that end, Frames has implemented various quality management tools and systems.

As such the process of engineering/design, project execution and manufacture/assembly from a sales stage until the end the product’s lifecycle is safeguarded, controlled, monitored and, if necessary, improved.

Frames’ systems have obtained certification in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard as well as several more specific accreditations, testifying that Frames is a trusted and capable partner for your needs