Outsourcing concept development may feel like losing grip of the asset prospect development model. However, Frames regards concept development as a two-way avenue, where client involvement and interdependency carefully funnel the various stages, from inception to conception and, finally, a viable design. Our ultimate goal is to build the entire plant or installation for our clients, assuring them of all the benefits carefully predicted during this important project phase.

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Our process expertise

Current market players are confronted with the rapidly changing demands of field development, associated and stranded gas, shale gas, marginal oil & gas fields, etc. This requires fast-track concept development with a focus on experience (hindsight), knowledge (insight) and the courage to challenge future views (foresight). Our clients can depend on us to provide each of these qualities.

Frames’ Concept Development teams stand out for their process expertise, enhanced goal-setting, work engagement and commitment, enabling Frames to act as a concept developer and committed solution provider focused on providing added value. Since we also serve as the equipment or total plant supplier we are familiar with the entire upstream segment, allowing us to provide accurate cost estimates in very little time.

Regardless of the selected system or solution, be it H2S and CO2 removal, a total plant solution or debottlenecking, if desired we can combine concept development with prefeasibility and alternative design studies, process technology scans, availability and market surveys. Supported by process simulations with state-of-the-art software, these are the advantages of engaging Frames as a partner in concept development.

Whatever concept is developed, our clients may rest assured that Frames’ proposals are based on intelligent CAPEX and OPEX reviews, aimed to satisfy the client’s asset prospect development model.