Chemical Distribution Systems

Chemical distribution systems are commonly used in production facilities in the oil and gas industry. They prevent or mitigate a wide range of problems that might negatively affect the production flow and/or process completion.
Frames designs, manufactures and supplies custom-built distribution systems for a wide range of process applications, including production processes, (produced) water treatment and hydrate control in pipelines and wells.

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Chemical injection and distribution

Injection Rate Control Devices (IRCD) and flow control valves

Chemical distribution systems are used to convey chemicals over multiple injection points and are used for production, (produced) water treatment, as well as hydrate control chemicals. A chemical distribution system generally consists of an injection rate control device (IRCD), isolation valves, a check valve, and a flow meter. IRCD’s can be locally or remotely adjusted for optimized control.

For high-flow applications, flow control valves are used in combination with flow meter feedback to continually adjust the valve orifice, resulting in pressure-independent flow control.
Accurate flow control and metering systems prevent over-injection or under-injection of chemicals, resulting in decreased operational costs. Other advantages are reduced plot space requirements and weight reduction compared to a configuration with dedicated pump heads for each injection point.

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Our approach to chemical distribution

Thanks to years of experience in designing and assembling equipment for chemical distribution, Frames specialists offer the valuable know-how required for advising effective solutions. Our in-house, multi-disciplinary engineering capability ensures that each distribution system is designed in accordance with specifications and local legislation.
Being supplier-independent, Frames is in an excellent position to select the best solutions, striking the right balance between CAPEX and OPEX.

Our added value

  • Smart designs by Frames in-house multidisciplinary engineering teams
  • Frames solutions are custom-built for performance in your actual operating conditions
  • Being supplier-independent, Frames selects the best available components from a global network of supply partners
  • Full design, build and commissioning service for guaranteed progress and single-point accountability
  • Cost-effective modular design with low installation and operating costs