Successfully completed HIPPS and fluid buffer system for SOFEC

June 23, 2016

Frames has completed a high integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS) and fluid buffer system for the mooring solutions specialist SOFEC. Both are designed and built for the external mooring system of a FLNG vessel. This project is the first cooperation between Frames and SOFEC.

Highly reliable safety system with equally high cost efficiency
The FLNG vessel will be designed to produce 1.5 million metric tons of LNG each year. Frames takes responsibility for the integration testing and certification of the complete safety loop.
Thomas de Wolf, Product Manager at Frames Flow Control & Safeguarding stated: “This project confirms our position as a valuable solution provider for deepwater oil and gas projects. Even in the current challenging times that our market is facing, we can provide a highly reliable Safety System with equally high cost efficiency.”
The HIPPS, co-creation of Frames and partner Mokveld, protects the FLNG vessel and its turret from over-pressurization, by shutting off the source. “Our HIPPS make it possible to design a turret for lower pressure, which is more cost efficient and lighter than a turret dealing with high pressure. This even results in a lighter FLNG vessel.”
HIPPS solution for emission reduction
Although a HIPPS is not a new solution in the oil and gas industry, it is becoming more popular these days. Emission reduction is an important reason. “HIPPS supports oil and gas producers to reduce emissions, because the shutoff prevents emissions. Therefore HIPPS is a valuable solution to the stricter environmental requirements that we are dealing with these days,” says De Wolf.
Modular design for quick installation
HIPPS play a crucial role in site safety. By automatically bringing dangerous processes to a predictably safe state within a defined safety time, the system protects site personnel, the general public, and the environment, as well as valuable production assets.
The fluid buffer system is a highly specialized and critical hydraulic system for the mooring system. Frames is very experienced with these types of systems.