More Frames Production Wellsite Packages for the Middle East

July 17, 2017

A major oil company has again chosen Frames Production Wellsite Packages for the safety and flow assurance of one of their plants. Together with our local partner, Frames won an order for the design and supply of multiple wellsite packages. The packages are designated for several gas production wells.

Ideal solution for remote areas
Production wellsite packages are an ideal solution for remote areas and, therefore, very popular, especially in the Middle East. The production wellsite packages combine all of the wellsite equipment and auxiliaries onto a container sized, ready-to-operate skid-mounted package. On-site installation work and testing are thereby minimized since all of the equipment is integrated and tested upfront.

With our customer’s choice of the production wellsite packages, they will benefit from minimum interface engineering and procurement time as well as fast commissioning times. In addition, they will even reduce the operating costs because the packages optimize on-site availability and maintenance. This also results in low HSE exposure during the construction, maintenance, and operation.

Previous production wellsite package for the Middle East basis for the design
The production wellsite packages are designed and optimized based on similar packages delivered to the Middle East previously. Frames is proud to be a pioneer in the introduction of the production wellsite packages, or the so-called modular skid concept, to the Middle East.

“We have established a solid reputation with our local customers”, says Azez. “For many years now, we have been providing them with debottlenecking support through engineering studies, CFD analyses, and process equipment. In close cooperation with our customers and local partners, we already have successfully provided equipment for the Abqaiq, Shaybah, Khurais, Safaniyah, Manifa, and Hawiyah fields.”


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