Frames secures order for Culzean field development project

November 17, 2016

Sembcorp Marine subsidiary SMOP Pte Ltd awarded Frames, a supplier of oil and gas solutions, a contract for the supply of two seawater electrochlorination systems, one wellhead control panel complete with a hydraulic power unit, and three hydraulic power units for topside and subsea valves. The systems are designated for the Culzean gas field.

The development, consisting out of a wellhead platform, central processing platform, and living quarters, will be operated by Maersk. It is a high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) gas field situated 145 miles East of Aberdeen. All of the equipment is built according to Maersk specifications. The Culzean gas field is expected to be capable of providing around 5% of the UK's total gas consumption by 2020/21.

Worldwide references
 “We are proud that we have received this award from Sembcorp Marine Offshore Platforms and that we are a part of this project,” says Sjoert Bolhuis, Sales Manager at Frames Flow Control & Safeguarding. “This is not the first time we have cooperated with Sembcorp Marine. Together, we’ve already realized several successful projects, such as FPSOs P-68 and P-71 and Pioneiro de Libra FPSO.
Besides the long-lasting relation with Sembcorp Marine, Frames also shares a long history with the operator of the field, Maersk. Together with different Maersk teams all around the world, Frames cooperated on projects such as Halfdan BD, Tyra South East, and Al Shaheen Block 5. These worldwide relationships have contributed to securing the order for the Culzean project.
Prevention of production downtime with seawater electrochlorination
The seawater electrochlorination systems that Frames has been awarded for will play an effective role in optimizing the flow assurance of seawater that is being used for multiple purposes on both platforms (e.g. cooling water, firewater). The restriction of seawater flows, corrosion, and the reduction in the overall lifespan of the process equipment can all be minimized by the effective design of a seawater electrochlorination system.
Effective and environmentally safe
The seawater electrochlorination systems also provide the most effective and environmentally safe method for the prevention of biofouling that would negatively affect the seawater systems within an offshore facility. Every electrochlorination system that Frames delivers includes Evoqua’s Chloropac® self-cleaning concentric tubular cells that do not require acid washing or other electrode cleaning methods.
Control and reliable operation 
Sustainable oil and gas extraction and production require safe, reliable, and highly available systems and solutions. Therefore, the wellhead control panels and hydraulic power units that Frames is awarded for are vital elements in the main control and safety of the platform. These panels enable safe and reliable operation of the actuated safety valves.