Viura plant starts up gas production

February 5, 2015

First gas production has started at the Viura plant in Spain and that’s good news. It marks an important milestone, because it means that natural gas has started flowing into the system, and the final testing of the system has begun under our client’s regulations.

In the previous phase, the entire installation was already tested using nitrogen and water as process fluids. Opening the Viura-1 well was the starting point of the last phase of the project. This phase involves fine-tuning the process installation to align it with the actual conditions of natural gas from Spanish soil.

The Viura natural gas deposit is located in the subsoil of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, about 12 kilometers from LogroƱo. In December 2014, Frames officially handed over the Early Production Facilities in Spain to its client Union Fenosa Gas.

Natural gas was introduced into the installation in December. This was a pilot using clean gas from the gas distribution network, aimed at testing Flare and the OVC Unit. 

Starting last week, the Viura-1 well with ‘unclean’ natural gas was opened. This well creates the conditions for which the plant was designed.