Filter coalescers and heat exchangers for ENI Zohr Development Project in Egypt

August 16, 2016

​Frames is awarded by ENPPI and Belayim Petroleum Company (Petrobel) for the design and supply of eight sour gas filter coalescers and eight shell and tube heat exchangers.

The filter coalescers and heat exchangers will be installed at the El-Gamil Plant in Egypt. The El-Gamil Plant is connected with the ‘super giant’ natural gas field Zohr. This field is located in the deep offshore of the Mediterranean Sea in the Shorouk Block, which covers an area of 3,765 square kilometers and a water depth ranging from 1,400 to 1,800 meters.

The Zohr Gas Field was discovered in 2015 and the goal of ENI, the operator of the field, is to start production at the end of 2017. The field will produce 2.6 billion cubic feet per day by 2019. This is equivalent to 40 percent of the total gas production in Egypt today. Egypt is increasing the gas production in order to erase the natural gas supply shortages.

One on one contact, know-how and teamwork
With the ENI Zohr Development Project now on the fast track and with the goal to start production at the end of 2017, there is a need to supply the filter coalescers and heat exchangers within a year. “Due to our strongest assets; one on one contact, know-how, teamwork, and close corporation with our Egyptian agent Business Group for Investment (BGI), we were able to provide ENPPI and Petrobel with a technically and commercially attractive offer. It took only 3 months from the request for quotation to the order award,” says Joris Vink, Sales Engineer at Frames Separation Technologies.

Removal of very small liquid droplets
Gas filter coalescers are applied in gas streams that require very low liquid content. Frames provides gas filter coalescers with a high efficiency for the removal of very small liquid droplets. Frames is able to combine this technique together with the upstream scrubber vessel, thereby resulting in the optimization of the required plot space and reduced investment costs. Furthermore, gas filter coalescers can be equipped with internals that remove solid particles to provide a complete separation solution.

Reducing energy consumption and operational costs
Shell and tube heat exchangers are applied in fluid streams (gas/oil/water) that require cooling, condensing, heating, or evaporation. Frames’ proven units reduce energy consumption and operational costs by efficiently transferring heat from one medium to another. The Frames Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are designed according to TEMA and API660, and are used in different industries for onshore and offshore applications.