Redeployment Upgrade FPSO Petrojarl

December 3, 2015

FPSO Petrojarl I has been dry docked at Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam for its EPC Redeployment Upgrade. Frames is carrying out the design and fabrication of the new topside skids for the FPSO. Frames will also be inspecting, testing and partly overhauling the existing topside and subsea chemical injection systems, as well as the complete subsea HPU system. The production and gas lift choke valves will also be upgraded and partially replaced. Watch the video about the EPC Redeployment Upgrade FPSO Petrojarl I. 

The Petrojarl I is a Teekay Petrojarl managed FPSO, built in 1986, which has been active in the North Sea. Its redeployment will be for the Atlanta field in Brazil, to produce heavy crude oil in a water depth of 1535m. For this deployment as an "early production system", the FPSO will be extensively upgraded in The Netherlands. Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam, responsible for the full upgrade of the FPSO, has formed partnerships with Frames and Nevesbu.

Video about the EPC Redeployment Upgrade FPSO Petrojarl I