Delivery of chemical storage tank skids for Appomattox development

September 21, 2016

Last year Frames was assigned to design and supply three chemical storage tank skids for the Appomattox development in the Gulf of Mexico. With a delivery time of 10 months, Frames successfully finalized the project.

The tanks were manufactured in the workshop of Frames in Netherlands and shipped to Louisiana, where the structures and piping was fabricated. At this fabricator the skids were fully assembled and tested.
These chemical storage tank skids play an essential part in optimizing flow assurance. The skids guarantee that flow assurance requirements are met in pipeline and process equipment and optimize processes in the Appomattox development facility.

About the project
Appomattox development is a deep-water project in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Appomattox development initially, with a water depth of about 7000 feet, will produce from the Appomattox and Vicksburg fields, with average peak production estimated at 175,000 boe/d.