Hydrogen Conditioning

Frames is your partner of choice in the large scale production of low or zero carbon hydrogen. Our hydrogen conditioning packages are the reliable last step to ensure your final product quality meets the specification. We are expert system integrators for systems using TEG (Glycol), molecular sieves, silica gel and catalytic beds to de-oxygenate and dehydrate hydrogen.
Frames also offers solutions for green hydrogen generation, hydrogen storage, hydrogen fueling stations and mobility. For our hydrogen solutions, please click here.


Blue / low carbon hydrogen
Green / zero carbon hydrogen
Underground Hydrogen Storage
Ultra-High Purity / Fuel Cell Grade hydrogen
High Purity hydrogen
Pipeline specification hydrogen


Hydrogen Deoxygenation
Hydrogen Dehydration using TEG (Glycol)
Hydrogen Dehydration using Molecular Sieves
Hydrogen Dehydration using Silica Gel
Hydrogen Separation

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Frames Hydrogen Conditioning Advantages

Over three decades of experience in gas treatment
Over 150 dehydration installations based on TEG, Molsieve and Silica Gel built
In house know-how on electrolysis process allows us to integrate well with upstream processes
Experienced in Hydrogen service
Experts in cost-efficient TEG dehydration
Database of hundreds of projects and designs allows for swift engineering definition of system
Global supply chain and office network allows for cost-effective delivery and local support
Skid-mounted designs and full in-factory testing reduces costs and risks associated with site works
All required knowhow in-house to design, build, deliver commission and start-up our packages

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