Board of Directors

Frames was founded in 1984 as a valve actuator company. Over the past 35 years we have expanded rapidly both in portfolio and geographic reach. Working together with our clients, suppliers, and employees we are energizing the world. Frames designs, builds, and delivers processing equipment, separation technologies, flow control & safeguarding systems, renewable energy and water solutions.
Our core competence is process and control system integration. At Frames, we convert your process and control concepts into compact, highly integrated and autonomous skid-mounted solutions. We have a global reach through our network of offices and are continuously adding new technologies to our portfolio. Although the oil and gas industry has historically been our core market, we have also seen a strong expansion of our downstream and renewables activities.
Our vision is to be the first-choice partner in all your energy challenges. We will achieve this by utilizing our know-how and core values to better understand the needs of clients. Therefore, we will continue to develop our skills and technologies to exceed your expectations, continuously striving to create sustainable added value for our clients.
frames bod Ronald Vochtelo Frans Roozendaal

Ronald Vochteloo

Chief Finance Officer

Frans Roozendaal

Chief Executive Officer
Our core values

The Foundation of All Our Work

Let’s do it!

  • We do it safe or not at all
  • We serve our clients with the best solutions with a pro-active attitude and commitment
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do

Act with integrity

  • We walk the talk
  • We do the right things
  • We respect people and opinions

Power of We

  • We work hard together and have fun together
  • We share our knowledge and passion
  • We value our clients and suppliers

Care for people and planet

  • We care for people, society and the environment
  • We pursue a leading role in the energy transition

Adapt and innovate

  • We have an entrepreneurial spirit in dynamic market conditions
  • We are curious
  • We continuously explore new products and ideas


Frames endeavors to be a transparent organization with a culture of openness, where people deal honestly with one another, with our clients and with our business partners. Our Code of Conduct is a declaration of the highest standards for ethics and integrity in everything we do at Frames. It connects us all through a set of shared values that guide our daily decisions and actions.


To maintain a healthy and clean environment for future generations, we have established the goal to contribute to the worldwide energy needs in the most environment-friendly and sustainable way.
Frames actively seeks to improve the performance level of our organization, to ensure that reliable high quality products and services are provided to clients.
Our promise to society and the environment is to comply with the applicable environmental regulations. Where possible, we will go further than required by preventing and minimizing the production of noise and waste products, use of dangerous materials, and the pollution of soil, water and air. We offer systems and solutions that minimize the risks of environmental incidents.
Protecting the health and safety of our employees and of our clients is the primary goal for Frames. Our quality, health, safety, and environmental procedures have been certified according to the latest international QHSE standards. We are certified according to the following standards:
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
IEC 61511-1
ISO 45001
IEC 61508

Product Development

We are committed to continuously optimizing our products’ performances and developing new systems that make a positive difference to our customers’ businesses. In the traditional Oil and Gas market, we focus on lower cost-competitive pricing, reducing the environmental footprint of our products and optimizing total cost of ownership.
Through innovative ideas and engineering, we are able to stay at the forefront of developments in the processing and renewables industries. Our R&D programs are undertaken as both in-house developments and on a collaborative partnership or consortium basis.
In-house developed products, for smaller scale renewables projects, include upgrades to biogas treatment and hydrogen generation systems. We are now scaling up and applying these systems for large scale applications.

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