Thiopaq O&G, win-win in gas sweetening

Effective and efficient removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is an essential step when sweetening gas for downstream processes. By simultaneously turning the captured hydrogen sulfide into elemental sulfur, a Frames THIOPAQ O&G system improves gas value, while creating a saleable chemical widely sought after in the agricultural and bulk chemical industry.


At Frames, we specialize in working with our clients to optimize the value of their natural resources. By removing and then capturing hydrogen sulfide as elemental sulfur, a Frames THIOPAQ O&G system sweetens natural gas, while creating a useful resource used in fertilizers, liquid fungicides and sulfuric acid production.

Seminar at ADIPEC about Thiopaq O&G

R&D Engineer Peter Hauwert from Frames talked about this solution for gas sweetening at the ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi last week. His presentation showed the advantages and implications of Thiopaq O&G to the audience.

In depth

Four steps
A Frames THIOPAQ O&G system can be easily applied to a very broad range of natural gas compositions. It is composed of four core processes: pre-treatment, H2S absorption, conversion to elemental sulfur and sulfur dewatering.

Thiopaq four steps

The four core processes of Thiopaq gas treatment

The feed gas is cooled, and in a knock-out vessel the heavy hydrocarbons, well-fluids and slugs are removed, which stabilizes the operation of the absorber.

Efficient absorption of H2S into Sulfide
During the absorption process, H2S is contacted in a countercurrent fashion with the lean THIOPAQ O&G process solution flowing from the top of the absorption column, to produce sweetened gas that typically has an H2S concentration of less than 4 ppm.

Conversion of Sulfide to elemental sulfur in the reactor
Fed to an ambient pressure reactor, the sulfide in the rich process solution is naturally oxidized to elemental sulfur with a controlled addition of air. The Frames system has a built-in buffer to consistently meet changes in H2S loads from maximum design load to extreme turn down.

Efficient sulfur dewatering
Finally, the elemental sulfur is dewatered and collected, ready for sale or disposal.

Please read more about Thiopaq O&G and other gas sweetening solutions by Frames, or contact us.

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