Frames has been supplying separation, heat exchanging, gas & liquid treatment and flow control & safeguarding systems to the international oil & gas industry since 1984. For on- and offshore, floating or fixed, extreme cold or hot conditions, Frames has all the technologies in-house from single packages to complete modules and integrated systems.

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Floating Production Units operate in every corner of the globe, but one thing is equal in all cases: the production is becoming increasingly challenging. Our integrated solutions have been customized to operate and perform continuously in the most extreme conditions.

Frames delivers compact process systems and complete modules for Floating Production Units. When designing these systems Frames’ experienced engineers are qualified for dealing with:
  • Wave motions
  • Severe wind conditions (e.g. wind loads)
  • Challenging weather conditions (e.g. high salinity)
  • Challenging well conditions (e.g. heavy oils)
  • Weight reduction
  • Plot space optimization
  • Operability maximization
  • Development of new generation technologies
  • Safety engineering
  • Combining various pieces of process equipment into prefabricated modules
Each project is unique in its requirements and challenges. Our dedicated teams are in a position to provide flexibility as well as technical expertise, from concept to integration, in collaboration with the client. Incorporating specific requirements for Floaters into a customized solution makes Frames the ideal partner for a wide range of oil and gas solutions.