Utorogu Gas Facilities

The Nigerian government wanted to increase the supply of Domestic gas (DOMGAS) to local industries and power plants. In order to support this, SPDC (Shell Petroleum Development Company) submitted a plan detailing the steps to increase the government’s contribution to the DOMGAS market. Gas is primarily used to increase Nigeria’s electricity capacity.

Frames has been awarded the project because of our experience with the Shell specifications, our references in Nigeria, and the capabilities for supplying a complete plant in skid mounted units.

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End user

The Shell Petroleum Development Company


Makon Engineering & Technical Services LTD and Transmark FCX.


Utorogu, Nigeria

Year of Supply


Meeting West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) requirements

The majority of the equipment is skid mounted and functional tested before it has been shipped in to Nigeria. This resulted in minimum site works and a quick completion of the plant.

The new built Utorogu NAG 2 plant is designed to handle 150 MMSCFD. Wet gas will be received from the existing Utorogu production header and from Ughelli-East field via a 14 km long 12” bulkline. The new Utorogu NAG2 plant will meet the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) requirements. To achieve the water and hydrocarbon dew point specification, the Utorogu NAG2 is fitted with glycol injection, GAS/GAS Heat exchanger and JT-LTS system. Liquids generated from the plant’s vessels are further processed in the Condensate Stabilization system.

The condensate stabilization section stabilizes both condensates that are obtained from the Utorogu NAG2 vessels and from the Utorogu NAG1 vessels. The Condensate Stabilization facilities comprises two trains, each capable of handling 8620 BPD of condensate.


Working with Shell and sub-suppliers in Nigeria

Doing the basic engineering, detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication and testing of a complex project in Nigeria requires a multidisciplinary project organization with highly skilled and well educated people.

The number of sub-suppliers involved in this project was significant. Securing the overall planning and on-time delivery of all the components is key to guaranteeing a continuous flow of assembly works. By having short communication lines with the client, engineers, and suppliers, we were able to complete this project on time and in full compliance with the client’s requirements and specifications.

Utorogu scope of Supply

  • FEED study
  • 5 Glycol Regeneration Packages
  • 8 Glycol/Condensate Heat Exchanger
  • 10 Gas/Gas Heat Exchangers
  • HP Gas Inlet Cooler
  • 3 HP Separators
  • 3 HP Gas/Gas Heat Exchangers
  • 2 HP Gas/Liquid Heat Exchangers
  • LTS package
  • Condensate Stabilization module
  • DEG Regeneration module
  • Fuelgas Conditioning module
  • Heating medium modules (oil)
  • Inlet manifold valve module
  • Detail engineering of all interconnecting piping c/w pipebridges
  • Air-cooled Inlet Gas Cooler, consisting of 2 bays
  • 2 Air-cooled Stabilizer Bottoms Coolers
  • Air-cooled Glycol Vapour Condenser
  • Air-cooled Heat Medium Trim Cooler
  • 2 Shell & Tube Fuel Gas Heaters
  • Air-cooled Glycol Vapour Condenser
  • 115 Pneumatic actuators c/w control system