Bergermeer Gas Storage

The Bergermeer gas storage will use a depleted gas reservoir. The working volume of the gas storage will be 4.1 billion cubic meters (bcm) and a volume of cushion gas would be 4.6 bcm. The gas storage will include 14 new wells to a depth of 3 km, 35 km of pipeline and the gas treatment facility. The gas treatment and compression facilities are being designed and build as a zero-emissions plant.

Gas compression and storage in Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Project Info

End user

Taqa Onshore B.V.


Fluor, Haarlem


Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Year of Supply


Bergermeer Gas Storage Project scope of supply

Two complete Dew Point Correction Units, including;
  • 4 Regeneration Gas/Gas Heat Exchangers
  • 2 Combined Air-cooled Gas Coolers
  • 1 Air-cooled Cooling Water Cooler
  • 2 Inlet Scrubber
  • 12 Silica Gel columns
  • 2 Outlet Filters, including valve skids
  • 2 Heaters, including; Heater panels and heater transformers
  • 2 Regeneration Compressor
  • 2 Gas/Gas Heat-exchanger
  • 2 Regeneration Air cooler
  • 2 Regeneration Scrubber
  • 1 Regeneration Control valve
  • 2 HIPPS
  • 12 Switching valve skids
  • 1 Pipe-rack, including main piping inside the pipe-rack to the main equipment
  • 2 Dew Point Measurement Facilities
  • 2 MCC/Distribution panels
  • 2 PLC's per DPCU