Slochteren Gas Field

The Groningen Long Term Project (GLT) focused on renovating production from the Groningen Gas Field, which, following years of use, had been impacted by lower field pressures.
Started in 1997 and completed in 2009, this extensive renovation project took 12 years to complete, and encompassed 22 manufacturing sites and their associated multiple well heads and processing facilities.
Working in conjunction with a team of engineers from Frames, the project used a staged development plan that ensured a continuous supply of natural gas to the industry. In total, the project covered 14 small production sites – the first constructed on the field and capable of producing 15 million m3 of gas daily – along with eight larger and more modern sites, each with a capacity of 25 million m3. On average, each site took 18 months to renovate, with a maximum of three locations being renovated at any one time.

Renovating production at the Groningen Gas Field

Project Info

End user

Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij N.V.


Stork GLT V.O.F.


The Netherlands

Year of Supply

1998 - 2008

Slochteren Gasfield Onshore scope of supply

Each of the 20 cluster locations consists of 10 separate modules, all delivered by Frames, which are:
  • HP Heat Exchanger Module
  • HP 4-phase Separator Module
  • LP 4-phase Separator Module
  • DEG Reboiler Module
  • Overhead Vapour Condensor Module
  • Overhead Vapour Combustor Module
  • Mercury Removal Module
  • LP Heat Exchanger Module
  • Lean DEG Long Term Storage Module
  • Rich DEG Solid Removal Module

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