Green Gas Installation

For the first time, green gas is flowing in Gasunie’s national gas transmission network. Produced from organic waste, green gas – otherwise known as biogas – is first conditioned to natural gas quality before being fed into the transmission network. Our aim was to design and build a green gas production facility proposed for the Green Gas Installation (GGI) project.

Using Frames know-how and our sharp design solutions, the production facility is designed to process 32,400Nm3/day of raw biogas, which is produced by fermentation of green waste. The gas produced by the fermentation process contains impurities like H2S and CO2. The purpose of the GGI is to sweeten the biogas by H2S and CO2 removal. The sweetened gas is compressed, dehydrated, temperature controlled and odorized to meet the specification for the export gas. The treated product gas is then ready to be piped into a national distribution network.

From biogas to treated, produced gas for Gasunie in the Netherlands

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The Netherlands

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Green Gas Installation Project scope of supply

The below mentioned items are part of the scope of work for the engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up of the green gas production facility and includes the civil and site construction work required:

•      LAMINOL® process for H2S removal
•      Gas compression
•      CO2 removal
•      TEG gas dehydration
•      Product gas metering and injection station
•      Nitrogen injection system
•      Regenerative terpene (limonene, cymene, etc.) removal
•      Integrated control system