Zakum Gas Processing Facility

The project involves construction of a gas processing and compression facilities to increase the production capacity of the Zakum field, while maintaining the reservoir pressure. It also involves installation of two 250 million cubic feet a day injection compressors, triethylene glycol dehydration unit, an air cooling system, dehydration units, a vapor recovery system, pressure vessels and reboilers. The new gas compression platform will be connected to the existing lower Zakum Platform by a bridge.

Gas processing and compression facilities for ADMA OPCO in the United Arab Emirates

Project Info

End user



Technip Abu Dhabi / NPCC


United Arab Emirates

Year of Supply


Gas Processing Facility Zakum scope of supply

  • 2 Inlet filters
  • 2 TEG contactors
  • 2 Outlet filters
  • 2 Gas/TEG heat exchangers
  • 1 Glycol regeneration package