Gambat South Gas Processing Facility

Frames designed and supplied evaporative systems for two Air-Cooled Coolers for the Gambat South Gas Processing Facility II located in District Sanghar, Pakistan which is operated by Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL). The purpose of these evaporative systems is to boast performance of the air-cooled coolers at high ambient temperatures at which normal operation will not reach the required performance.
In June 2015 Frames was awarded the evaporative systems for the Air-Cooled Coolers followed by a design and delivery by Frames in The Netherlands. In December 2015 the evaporative systems were transported to Pakistan where final assembly onto the coolers was carried out by Descon Engineering Limited. Eventually the cooler were taken into production in 2016.

Gambat South Gas Processing Facility

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End user

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)


Presson Descon International (Pvt) Limited



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Evaporative System
The evaporative systems in the coolers operates by cooling the incoming air with a fine mist of water droplets. The two coolers supplied with evaporative systems are designed to cool fluid / vapor at a high design ambient temperature. To operate at these maximum ambient temperatures, water will be evaporated inside the air-cooler to decrease the inlet air temperature. This performance boast is only required during peak ambient temperatures therefore the system is switched off during normal operation.
The evaporative systems are installed by placing spray lances inside the plenum of the coolers. These spray lances contain multiple spray nozzles through which water is pumped under high pressure. The water exits the spray nozzles as a fine mists which easily evaporates into the air thus cooling it before it passes through the cooler bundles. Due to the high pressure an almost 100% evaporation can be achieved. The system is fully temperature controlled and, depending on the required cooling capacity, multiple pumps and lances can be switched on and off automatically to accurately control the air temperature.
All coolers are designed according to API Standard 661 and supplied with ASME U-stamp certificate. Both coolers and evaporative systems are fully ATEX Zone 2 certified.
Scope of supply
Scope of supply consisted of the delivery of two evaporative systems. These evaporative systems included all provisions for installment onto the coolers, high pressure tubing,  two pump skids with filters, gauges and high pressure booster pumps, spray lances with high pressure spray nozzles and ATEX certified control panels.
About Gambat South Gas Processing Facility
Gambat South is located in District Sanghar, Sindh. The block was granted to Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) in December 2009. So far, eight discoveries, Wafiq, Shahdad, Sharf, Kinza, Faiz (two formations), Kabir and Hatim have been made in the block.
In September 2015 PPL started production of the Shahdadpur West Gas Field with the Gas Process Facility I. Following further field development, PPL build a new Gas Processing Facility II at a different location to receive two phase well head fluid from different wells. The facility with a capacity of 50 MMSCFD commenced its production in August, 2016. Frames Air-cooled Coolers are operating at this Gas Processing Facility II.