Conwy Platform

The Conwy and Corfe Fields are located in Blocks 110/12 and 110/13, approximately 33 kilometres (km) west of the nearest UK coastline and 106 km east of the UK / Eire median line, in a water depth of approximately 33 metres (m). The Conwy and Corfe Fields have a maximum estimated recovery of 8,000 million barrels of oil.
The development plan calls for three production wells and several water injection wells to connect to a new unmanned platform. The Conwy platform will be tied-back via a 12-kilometer (7.5-mile) 8-inch production flowline to the BHP Billiton-operated Douglas platform, situated on Block 110/13b.

The development consists of the installation of a Normally Unattended Installation (NUI) and the drilling of three platform production wells, two penetrating the Conwy reservoir and one penetrating the Corfe reservoir.

The WHCP is pressurized by Hydraulic Power Unit (EHO 29587) approx. 13 km away. 
The HPU will power the Conwy Wellhead Control Panel (EHO 29257) via an umbilical and to power the emergency shutdown valves.

Production and water injection wells off the UK coast

Project Info

End user

EOG Resources UK Ltd. United Kingdom


HSM Steel Structures B.V., The Netherlands


Offshore, Ireland

Year of Supply


Conwy Platform scope of supply

  • 1 Wellhead Control Panel (5 modules installed & 1 future and 2 ESV connections & 4 ESV futures).
  • 1 Hydraulic Power Unit to power the Conwy well control panel via an umbilical and to power the emergency shutdown valves.