Cardon IV Block

The Perla gas field is situated in the Cardon IV block in the Gulf of Venezuela. The field, which covers about 33km², lies at water depth of 60m. The field is expected to produce 300 million cubic feet per day of natural gas on start-up. The initial phase of development involved drilling of wells that will be connected to four offshore platforms. The platforms will be connected to an onshore processing facility through a gas pipeline. To treat the condensate from the platforms designed, engineered and deliver the condensate stabilization train for the onshore plant.

Connecting drilling wells to offshore platforms to onshore processing facilities

Project Info

End user

Cardon IV JV (Eni, Repsol and PDVSA)




Perla Field, Offshore Venezuela

Year of Supply


Cardon IV scope of supply

  • First and Second condensate stabilization packages