Thiopaq O&G

Effective and efficient removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is an essential step when sweetening gas for downstream processes. By simultaneously turning the captured hydrogen sulfide into elemental sulfur, a Frames THIOPAQ O&G system improves gas value, while creating a sellable chemical widely sought after in the agricultural industry.

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Turning hydrogen sulfide (H2S) into elemental sulfur

About Thiopaq O&G

A Frames THIOPAQ O&G system can be easily integrated into a wide range of natural gas streams. Due to the nature of the conversion process, the overall system is very safe, reliable and easy to operate. Fluctuations in gas composition or gas flow have very little impact on the actual performance of the system as the required H2S outlet specification will always be met. Due to the flexible characteristics of this proven technology any H2S concentration between 0-100% in the inlet can be properly treated.

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Our aproach to Thiopaq O&G sulfur recovery

We strongly believe that our product know-how translates into added value for designing and supplying Frames THIOPAQ O&G sulfur recovery solutions. Our multi-disciplinary project engineering teams are managed by a project manager who is the single point of contact for our clients.
We are fully committed to meeting our client’s expectations during all stages of a project while supplying reliable products. We will always walk the extra mile where needed, and for many of our clients this has been one of the reasons for continuing to work with us.

Our added value

  • Our experienced in-house engineering team are specialists in building highly efficient units, tailored to your unique operating conditions
  • Low total cost of ownership due to optimization of both CAPEX & OPEX
  • Easy project execution thanks to our modularized design that smoothly integrates into your production system
  • Global service, including working with local supply chain
  • Design, build and installed with full single-point accountability