There is a growing demand for more compact and flexible separators that are efficient and cost effective. Our state-of-art SwirlSep technology is a solution that enables customers to boost production and save valuable space and weight in order to reduce costs.

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The SwirlSep is a compact separator and is the combination of a special axial flow valve, the SwirlValve, and an inline separator, both complementary in their advantages.
The SwirlValve is a low shear valve that can be utilized as a choke valve and/or (level) control valve. This valve is similar to a conventional valve, however, having one distinct feature: the design of the valve trim is such that a swirling flow (a vortex) is created downstream of the valve.
The major advantages of the swirling flow compared to the intense mixing and chaotic flow created by conventional valves are:

  • Smaller pressure drop over the valve
  • Minimized shear on the fluid
  • Droplet/bubble break up is reduced
  • Coalescence is promoted
  • Drainage is stimulated
  • Erosion is minimized

The SwirlValve is available in axial and angled configurations. The axial configuration is pressure balanced and therefore requires a much smaller actuator. The angled configuration allows for a higher flow capacity.
The SwirlSep extends the SwirlValve with an inline separator unit. The advantages of the SwirlValve are fully exploited in the downstream inline separator. In addition, the centrifugal acceleration that results from the swirling motion is directly utilized by the inline separator to facilitate separation of the phases, like gas liquid, and solids.

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Our approach

Thanks years of high-end research and development, we are able to continuously alter our technolgies to be able to boost production, save space and weight, and to cut operating costs. We carefully review the client’s requests and operating conditions and optimize their system using our state-of-art technologies.
Our clients can rely on our years of experience and in-house knowledge that enables us to engineer the best solutions for our clients. A deep understanding of the clients processes and sharp thinking, combined with using advanced CFD analysis and our in-house test facility, enables us to give our clients a competitive edge.

Our added value

  • A family of expertise in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Customized design according to the clients’ unique requirements
  • Solutions fully integrated into conventional separation trains
  • Design optimization based on in-house knowledge
  • Robust and reliable units designed with lean engineering methods, using high-end materials