Spare Parts

Spare parts are essential when it comes to system availability and reliability. Many companies in the oil & gas industry struggle to start and/or maintain this vital part of production performance. Frames specialises in supporting its clients worldwide with spare parts (management) services.

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System availability

Our flexibility in this regard is what many of our clients consider to be our principal added value in terms of safeguarding production reliability.

The following are the most common areas where Frames offers spare parts services:
  •  Spare parts supply
  •  Strategic spare parts stock consultancy
  •  Spare parts management
  •  Spare parts stock and maintenance services
  •  Supply and/or rent of specialised operational/maintenance tools.
Spare parts management isn’t simply replacing old or worn-out system components with new ones. With the right assistance in this area, companies can enhance performance by upgrading over time, reducing demand for spare parts over the life-cycle of a system. This will ultimately significantly reduce the OPEX of a system. Three decades of experience allows us to assist clients tackling exactly these challenges to help them save time and money while reducing the environmental footprint of their system.

Frames is able to support clients with spare parts in systems & solutions from our own portfolio and from third parties. Our spare parts department is organised to quickly inventory what solution optimally fits the request or challenge.