Solid Bed Scavenger

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) present in natural gas needs to be removed because of its toxicity and corrosivity, and very often the hydrogen sulfide content needs to be reduced to very low concentrations. Frames offers a wide range of H2S removal (sweetening) solutions. Solid bed scavenger technology is one of the simplest options to reach the lowest H2S levels in product gas.

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About our Solid Bed Scavengers

Solid bed scavenger technology efficiently removes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from natural gas or other gaseous streams by chemically bonding it to non-regenerable adsorbent granules. This sweetening technology is used for onshore and offshore applications (including floaters) and is able to reduce the H2S content to ultra-low levels.

Frames solid bed scavengers are extremely robust and require minimal operator involvement, even when working under the most demanding of conditions. The entire chemical process is exothermic, which means that no energy is required for proper operation. This makes Frames solid bed scavengers the ideal gas sweetening solution for remote locations and challenging circumstances.


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Our approach to gas sweetening

At Frames, we focus on helping our clients implement the best possible processes in their business with maximum value from natural resources. Our team of in-house engineers cooperates closely with carefully selected, specialized adsorbent suppliers, delivering fully integrated sweetening solutions, including pre-treatment systems.
Our combined expertise and industry know-how enable us to deliver a complete package for which Frames provides both the process and mechanical guarantee, ensuring continuous, trouble-free operation.

Our added value

  • Design according to your system’s unique requirements
  • Collaboration with leading suppliers of solid bed scavenger materials
  • Design by our in-house engineering team using smart 3D-modelling technology for a perfect fit with your production system
  • Thorough review of requirements and suitable technology with objective advice in terms of optimum CAPEX/OPEX
  • Worldwide service with full, expert support