Production Wellsite Packages

Frames Production Wellsite Packages deliver a robust, ready-to-use solution for both onshore and offshore applications. All of the equipment required for production wellsite control and well safety is installed on a mobile, skid-mounted unit. Our efficient Production Wellsite Packages are easy to install and require a minimum of on-site work.

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An integrated solution for onshore and offshore applications of the upstream process

About our Production Wellsite Packages

Certified for hazardous areas, Frames production wellsite packages combine all hydraulics, flowline assurance, well monitoring, safeguarding, on-site control logics, communication, independent solar power supply, and back-up power in a single, ready-to-operate skid-mounted package.

Our wellsite packages are well suited for marginal field development, and thanks to their high level of mobility, Frames wellsite packages can be easily relocated upon depletion of a well.
As opposed to traditional stick-built units, our clients benefit from minimum interface engineering, procurement time and fast commissioning times, as well as optimized on-site availability, and reduced maintenance and operating costs.

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Our approach in utilizing auxiliary systems

Detailed in-house know-how of the entire upstream process and auxiliary systems makes Frames an ideal partner for developing your production wellsites.

Christmas tree valve operation, Hydraulic wellhead control, (SIL-rated) Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), (Multi-phase) Flow metering, Chemical Injection, High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) are everyday business for Frames.

From concept through to design, production, testing and delivery, our project team knows the entire life-cycle of operating environments. Our global office network, international supply chain, and partnerships with leading vendors mean we are always able to supply the best systems and meet all of the local requirements and regulations, including possibilities for in-country manufacturing to increase local content.

Our added value

  • Simple interface engineering, with minimal onsite work for fast and easy startup
  • Completely integrated solution for single-point project management
  • Low HSE Exposure during construction, maintenance and operation – ideal for security sensitive areas
  • Easy hook-up following injection well completion and highly mobile units that are easily relocated
  • Fully customized for your unique operating environment