Produced Water Treatment

Produced water is a term for reservoir water that is produced along with the oil and gas phase. Oil and gas reservoirs normally contain amounts of water, oil, solids, condensates and gas. When oil and gas are processed, water is separated and pumped back into the reservoir in order to maintain the right pressure in the well. Alternatively, the water is discharged to the sea or sewerage. Both methods involve a set of conditions and strict regulations, aimed at preventing well contamination and water pollution.

When the oil and gas reservoirs are depleted, water content may be as much as 98% of the total fluids being produced. As a result, the handling and treatment of produced water up to the required quality levels becomes an increasing cost factor in the total Life Cycle Cost of an operated asset.

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Removing hydrocarbons and suspended solids from produced water

About our Produced Water Treatment packages

Our solutions for removal of hydrocarbons and/or suspended solids from the produced water are divided into systems for both Onshore and Offshore locations, each with the most appropriate and effective technologies. Offshore applications have special requirements in terms of space and weight limitations. In case of “Floating or FPSO” production, the process is subject to wave motions.
Technologies for onshore locations include:

  • Coalescing plate separation (CPI/WOSEP)

  • Induced gas flotation (IGF)

  • Multimedia filtration

 Technologies employed in offshore locations:

  • Cyclonic de-oiling and de-sanding

  • Compact flotation (CFU)

  • Sand cleaning

Download the product leaflet about Produced Water Treatment and receive more detailed information about the product:
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Our approach in lowering your life cycle costs

Frames designs packages for produced water treatment in accordance with client specifications and project requirements. Following a thorough analysis of the inlet conditions and outlet requirements, our team of specialists selects the most suitable combination of technologies and integrates them into a process package to achieve the required performance.
Our produced water treatment packages enable high availability, a large turndown range, and practical operation as well as easy access to valves, instruments and pumps. During the design phase, our team pays special attention to aspects such as plot space, weight, maintenance and total life-cycle costs.

Our added value

  • 30 years of experience
  • Sturdy and reliable design
  • Lower footprint
  • Lower CAPEX and low maintenance costs
  • Lower pressure loss
  • Applicability to full turndown range
  • Field and lab testing
  • Debottlenecking studies: analysis of operational problems and their solutions
  • CFD studies: intrinsic physical characteristics of separators. Performance enhancement studies

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