Multiphase Separation

Crude oil wells contain oil, gas, water and various contaminants. Frames multiphase separators guarantee adequate separation using state-of-the-art technologies.
The various contaminants must be separated before the oil or gas can be sold, and to avoid negative effects on downstream equipment. To remove gas and water from oil, the mixture is passed through multiphase separators. These separators are fitted with Frames proprietary internals, which enhance separation to the required specification.

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Matching your unique crude oil composition

About our Multiphase Separators

The crude oil mixture passes through an inlet device to disperse the momentum of the incoming fluids. Primary/bulk separation as well as flow distribution occurs in the inlet section (1). From the inlet section, the fluids are given adequate settling time to allow the heavier phase to settle beneath the light phase, while the degassed gas-phase occupies the free area above the liquids (2). Additionally, liquid/liquid separation enhancer internals such as plate pack coalescers are added to provide stringent performance guarantees. Liquid levels are maintained by weirs and control valves. At the outlet section (3), a gas/liquid separation device is placed (typically a demisting device) which ensures separation of small liquid particles in the gas phase by coalescence. Oil at the specified guarantee level is discharged at the oil outlet nozzle, while water and gas are discharged through their respective outlets.

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Our in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capabilities

For offshore applications such as an FPSO, Frames always uses in-house CFD capabilities to study the negative effects of wave motions and provide solutions which minimise phase re-mixture.
With three decades of separation experience coupled with in-house knowledge and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Frames is able to optimise vessel design, offering benefits such as lower CAPEX and OPEX to our clients.

Advantages of Frames Multiphase Separators:

  • Sturdy and reliable design

  • Lower CAPEX

  • Lower pressure loss

  • Low maintenance

  • Applicability to full turndown range.

Supplementary services available from Frames:

  • Field testing for solving operational problems

  • Lab testing

  • Debottlenecking studies: analysis of operational problems and their solutions

  • CFD studies: intrinsic physical characteristics of separators

  • Performance enhancement studies.

Our added value

  • Designed to match your unique crude oil composition and operating conditions
  • 30 years of experience in generating the maximum value from the wellhead
  • Robust and reliable units that drive downstream productivity
  • Compact design that easily integrates into your production facility
  • Cost-efficient units with low operating costs