Molecular Sieve

Molecular sieve systems are used for removing water, hydrocarbons, H2S and CO2 from natural gas and associated gas. In addition to drying gas, molecular sieve systems can be applied for sweetening gas, provided the gas is (almost) dry and contains low concentrations of H2S and/or CO2.

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Gas sweetening and regeneration with Molecular Sieves

About our Molecular Sieve modules

Molecular sieves are often applied in operational environments with strict H2S and/or CO2 requirements, which are dictated by process conditions downstream, e.g. LNG production.
Molecular sieve systems are a commercially attractive alternative to the well-known amine systems when relatively small quantities of H2S and/or CO2 have to be removed from the sour gas. The systems have a small footprint, which makes them very suitable for installations with size restrictions such as FPSO’s
The most common configuration is a multi-column, semi-continuous operation. Uninterrupted operation is achieved with one or more columns in sweetening mode and one column is regeneration mode in an automated sequence. For regeneration, gas can be obtained directly from the process itself.

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Our approach to H2S and CO2 removal with Molecular Sieves

Frames has designed a large number of molecular sieve systems which has enabled us to enhance the quality of this technology. We work in close cooperation with reputable molecular sieve suppliers in the industry. In addition to selecting the most suitable molecular sieve, we consider the number of columns, the switching sequence, heat conservation, reuse of regeneration gas, but also other technologies such as amine sweetening or scavenger systems. This enables us to provide added value to our clients.
Overall, we thoroughly investigate how to achieve an optimum balance between CAPEX and OPEX, taking into account the expected lifetime of molecular sieve material.

Our added value

  • Modularized design that minimizes the amount of interfaces during project execution and cuts installation time and costs.
  • Complete module with small footprint for offshore applications
  • We work with leading suppliers to deliver the optimum technology for your unique operating environment
  • Robust and reliable units designed with 3D engineering methods
  • Full design, build and install service for single-point accountability
  • Process and mechanical guarantees for the complete package
  • Worldwide fabrication capabilities