Membrane separation is an established and effective method for removing the contaminant CO2 from the gas feed stock in order to produce a sweetened, clean, high-value gas stream ready for downstream applications.

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Modular units for membrane technology

About membrane separation

Frames membrane solutions consist of modular units that can be tailored to the fluctuations of the amount of undesirable components during your assets production profile over time. The designs of our membrane units can be extended seamlessly along with changes in the sweetening requirements for CO2 of your gas stream. Our modular approach enables you to increase the sweetening capabilities as you need them, thus allowing you to remain in control of your investment schedule, reduce your risks, and keep uncertainties predictable. As your requirements and conditions change, you can invest again for the next period of time.

For our CO2 removal packages, we have combined our strengths with high performance polymer manufacturer Evonik. SEPURAN® NG membranes are a very robust solution with a long lifetime. Its separation selectivity is very high, therewith minimizing the hydrocarbon losses associated with membranes and reducing the footprint to a minimum. Our membrane module design aligns with the international market standard, therewith enabling retro-fits and upgrading of your existing facility.


Our approach

Following a thorough analysis of your specific business needs and operational environment, we select a membrane separation solution that is customized to your requirements. We make sure our solution covers your asset production lifetime, or we design a custom-built solution based on a staged investment that fits in with your business strategy. In addition to the design and supply of our packaged units, we also provide commissioning and start-up support through our Services department. This also enables us to fully support you on re-assessment and retrofit of your existing facilities. 

Our added value in membrane separation

  • Swift production with our full design, delivery and commissioning service
  • Membrane selection and processing capacity customized to match your production system
  • Reduced hydrocarbon losses and footprint because of high performance characteristics
  • Proven processes and cutting-edge technical designs
  • Modular construction techniques for fast transportation and easy onsite assembly
  • Integrates fully into your business to cut capital and operating costs, while optimizing the value of your natural gas resources
  • Continuous and integral support for your replacement needs and retrofits of your existing facilities