MEG/DEG Recovery

Monoethylene glycol (MEG) and diethylene glycol (DEG) are often used both as hydrate inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors in closed-loop pipelines between offshore platforms (wellheads) and offshore or onshore receiving facilities. They are also used in Low-Temperature Separation (LTS) applications.

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Achieving glycol purity

Gas composition, ambient temperatures, fluctuating process conditions each bring their own challenges related to the amount of glycol (MEG/DEG) required. Frames is experienced in designing and supplying injection and recovery systems, where calculations are often based on Hammerschmidt’s formula.
After the glycol has been separated from the gas stream, recovery systems are used to achieve the required glycol purities. The core process involves the boiling off of the majority of the water collected. Together with hydrocarbon skimming and filtration, both the required purity and the right quality are achieved.

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Our approach to MEG/DEG recovery

Depending on available resources the appropriate heat source for the boiling process is selected. Furthermore, efficiency is increased by means of heat integration, crossing cold rich glycol with hot lean glycol, resulting in lower operational costs. Our extensive experience with designing glycol regeneration packages, contributes to optimizations to maximize heat recovery and minimize energy consumption.
Frames focuses on modularization, which minimizes the number of interfaces throughout project execution and, most importantly, reduces the amount of work required on site.

Our added value

  • Designed to match your unique operating conditions
  • Solution integrates fully into your production system for continuous, trouble-free operation
  • Our experienced in-house engineering team are specialists in building energy-efficient units for optimum glycol recovery
  • Solution built for performance in the most demanding of environments
  • Worldwide service with full, expert support