MEG/DEG Desalination

By efficiently and effectively removing water and salts from the commonly used hydrate inhibitor monoethylene glycol (MEG), the Frames MEG recovery and WISE™ desalination process helps cut operating and maintenance costs, while keeping the producing wellheads in peak production.

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Removing water and salts from monoethylene glycol

Inhibiting hydrate formation

Together with our partner Novasep, we at Frames integrated the MEG recovery with a newly patented waste-free inhibitor salt extraction system (WISE™) that uses proven desalination technology to efficiently remove salt during the MEG recovery process

Fed into the pipeline between the producing wellhead and the receiving facility, MEG inhibits hydrate formation in the pipeline, while also protecting the pipes from corrosion.

By incorporating our WISE™ technology, the Frames recovery process also removes salt that can accumulate in the used MEG. By carefully controlling MEG salt levels, WISE™ technology helps protect the production system from salt build-up along with any potential damage caused by salt crystals clogging the production machinery.

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Our approach to MEG/DEG desalination

With years of experience in MEG regeneration, we have the technical know-how to design and deliver a unit to fit your operating environment. Our Frames systems use industry-leading technology to maximize heat recovery and minimize energy consumption. This includes the use of a heat integration system that transfers heat from the treated MEG to the cold, untreated MEG in order to improve system efficiency and lower operating costs.

A major advantage of the WISE™ technology is its ability to remove both monovalent and divalent salts in a single process. This efficiently removes the destructive impact of these salts during the common boiling process.

Our added value

  • Clean and efficient units with tailor-made design, using smart energy-saving technology
  • Regeneration and unique salt removal system that cuts operating costs and improves system performance
  • Fully integrated into your production system for continuous, trouble-free operation
  • Skid-mounted for fast and easy installation
  • Built for performance in demanding environments
  • Robust and reliable units designed with lean engineering methods, using high-end materials.