Low Temperature Separation

Low-Temperature Separation (LTS) is a technology widely used to remove both water and hydrocarbons from natural or associated gas. In addition, this technology is used to increase the methane number of fuel gas streams.

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A modularized approach to Low Temperature Separation (LTS)

About the product

LTS technology is often applied in combination with absorption technology when dew point requirements for water and hydrocarbons are different. Depending on the allowable pressure drop, dew points can be achieved by applying either the Joule Thompson effect or a chiller.

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Our approach to Low Temparature Separation (LTS)

Even a relatively simple and straightforward process such as LTS presents a variety of design challenges. Cost of energy, cold conservation and heat integration are of crucial importance for the design of an LTS unit. Following client specifications, Frames optimizes the design, often facing challenging requirements such as plot space limitations.
Frames focuses on modularization, which minimizes the number of interfaces throughout project execution and, most importantly, reduces the amount of work required on site.

Our added value

  • Designed according to your system’s unique gas composition and operating conditions
  • Developed by specialists in building energy-efficient units, including the use of heat-integration technology
  • Easy operation thanks to our modularized design that integrates into your production system
  • Worldwide service with expert support
  • Robust and reliable LTS units designed with lean engineering methods, using high-end materials