Frames LAMINOL® H2S technology can provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional biogas sweetening processes such as impregnated active carbon or solid dry bed processes to prevent hydrogen sulfide corrosion. The LAMINOL® technology of Frames is capable of selectively removing H2S from CO2 rich gas streams to a few ppm level even at near atmospheric gas pressure.

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Biogas upgrading with LAMINOL® technology

About our LAMINOL® technology

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a very toxic and corrosive gas that causes problems in both the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry as well as biogas plants. Completely eliminating H2S upfront of further biogas handling reduces corrosion, safety and operational expenditures significantly in the rest of the biogas utilization installation. Frames uses a new solution for this H2S removal, which is one of a kind in the energy and biogas market.

The Frames LAMINOL® H2S technology is a cost-effective alternative for deep H2S removal but with high stability based on a selective reaction.Existing sweetening processes such impregnated active carbon or solid dry bed processes can effectively remove H2S to very deep level, but these processes are very expensive in operation. LAMINOL® will provide high stability to your facility because it can handle large fluctuations in gas flowrates and varying feed gas compositions, making it a perfect solution for reaching high sulfur recovery efficiencies in challenging circumstances. LAMINOL® is furthermore not susceptible to common contaminants and achieves very deep H2S removal even at low gas pressures.

LAMINOL® technology comes in a liquid scavenger form or in a fully regenerative form in which elementary sulfur is produced. The liquid scavenger is applicable in cases average H2S concentrations are low but typical H2S peeks can be high. The regenerative LAMINOL® version employs a biodegradable and safe scrubbing fluid that selectively react with H2S removing H2S to below 3 ppm. By regeneration of the fluid with air in a regeneration reactor elementary Sulfur is produced which is separated concentrated and can be employed as Sulfur fertilizer. 

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Our approach in H2S removal from biogas

At Frames, we work as a coordinated team that focuses on integrated solutions. Our multidisciplinary teams ensure smooth integration of Frames technology unit operations with technologies provided by partners or sub-contractors, in order to create a total biogas processing solution.We have decades of experience in managing and realizing complex integrated solutions and constructions, which means we can offer complete solutions for total biogas upgrading installations. Our ambition is to create added value for your waste streams. 

Thanks to a network of international partners and a worldwide supply chain, our clients benefit from smart services provided by a strong, global project management company.

Our added value

  • Cost-effective alternative to conventional gas/ liquid sweetening processes
  • Constant pH of the LAMINOL® scrubbing liquid
  • Full regeneration of LAMINOL® scrubbing liquid to elementary sulfur