Hydraulic Power Units

Frames Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) provide reliable and clean hydraulic energy to a variety of users in offshore and onshore locations.

Our HPUs ensure reliable operation and control of a wide variety of equipment, including subsea controls, IWOCS, topside actuated valves, turret actuated valves, cargo handling systems, turret disconnect systems, and seal isolation.

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Providing reliable and clean hydraulic energy

About our Hydraulic Power Units

Frames hydraulic systems provide tailor-made solutions for controlling processes at any oil and gas plant, and ensure reliable and safe production conditions.
A typical Frames HPU is equipped with reservoirs, pumps, motors, filters, accumulators, valves, and instrumentation. All components are controlled by a control system supplied by Frames, or by the client’s own control system.
The hydraulic pressures which can be generated with our HPUs range from 100 up to 1380 bar, achievable by using electrical, pneumatic or booster pumps. The types of hydraulic fluid are also very diverse, ranging from standard mineral oil to water/glycol types of subsea fluid, or biodegradable synthetic oil.
The materials used in Frames HPUs match your unique process conditions, site-specific requirements and third-party requirements, and can therefore include the full range of exotic materials.

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Our approach to HPUs

At Frames, we combine decades of extensive experience in providing high-end hydraulic systems for the upstream oil and gas industry with state-of-the-art technology to create innovative systems and solutions, solving all challenges presented to us by our clients.
We have been providing tailor-made solutions since 1984, and our systems ensure safe control of processes at oil and gas plants operated by corporate end-users located worldwide. From concept through to design, production, testing and delivery, we will use the latest technology to precisely meet your needs.

We are solution-oriented and we understand your industry. Thanks to our global office and service network, international supply chain and partnerships with leading vendors, we are able to supply the best systems to precisely meet all your requirements.

Our added value

  • Customized design according client requirements and project conditions.
  • In-house engineering team that designs powerful hydraulic packages with limited plot space
  • Organized design philosophy for simplified operation and maintenance of the units
  • Complete package supplied skid-mounted, making it easy to transport
  • Lean engineering and usage of high-end materials for reliable and solid equipment
  • 24/7 worldwide service and after-sales support