A world powered by renewable energy is not only possible, it is inevitable. Biogas is expected to become one of the main energy sources in the future. Frames Renewable Energy Solutions is a supplier of biogas upgrading technology and enables customers to create profitable businesses. HYBRISOL®, a technology developed by Frames, is the most cost effective upgrading technology currently available.

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H2O, NH3 and VOC’s removal

Removing NH3, H2O and VOC’s traces from biogas

Biogas contains the valuable gases methane and CO2, but also trace gases like H2O, H2S, NH3 and VOC’s. The exact composition is primarily determined by the used feed material. H2S is ahighly toxic gas that first needs to be removed from biogas using, for example, the Frames LAMINOL® technology. The Frames HYBRISOL® technology can then remove remaining trace gases such as NH3, H2O and VOC’s. 
Physical solvent is used to remove terpenes, water and CO2 from biogas.In conventional physical solvent systems, the rich solvent is regenerated via air stripping. HYBRISOL® technology prevents the CO2 product being diluted by air, by using an atmospheric flash to remove the CO2 from the solvent. The CO2 product is very pure (>98.7%) because no terpenes and almost no water will flash from the solvent under these conditions.
The combination of physical absorption and membrane separation results in major operational cost synergy.It creates a process that produces a green gas and a CO2 product stream, which are both free from terpenes and water.
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Our added value in upgrading biogas

  • HYBRISOL® is a state-of-the-art upgrading technology patented by Frames
  • We work with you to optimize total site productivity
  • Fast commissioning for advanced cash flow
  • Fully compliant with international safety and environmental standards
  • Simple commissioning and years of trouble-free operation
  • Worldwide presence for fast service provision