High Integrity Protection Systems (HIPS)

Frames High Integrity Protection Systems (HIPS) play a crucial role in site safety. By automatically bringing dangerous processes to a predictable safe state within a defined safety time, our systems protect site personnel, the general public and the environment, along with valuable production assets.
Our HIPS typically use one set of initiators (e.g. voting 2oo3 or 1oo2), a logic solver (controller), and a set of end elements (e.g. valves / pumps) to provide the safeguarding action.

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Safeguarding your site

About our High Integrity Protection Systems

Frames HIPS are often used to protect a process line or vessel from any combination of overpressure, high temperature, or high-level events. To meet client demands, Frames has developed a comprehensive range of HIPS solutions, including:

  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems

  • High Integrity Temperature Protection Systems

  • High Integrity Level Protection Systems

  • HIPS Interlock systems.

Flexible HIPS solutions
At Frames, we work closely with your business to develop customized HIPS solutions that match your unique process conditions, design conditions such as plot space, and other site-specific requirements. Our flexible HIPS solutions can be configured as skid-mounted units, including integration of hydraulic power units, cabinet-mounted logic solvers, built-in initiators, intermediate piping, and more.

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Honoring IEC 61508 and 61511 standards

Our Frames teams of engineers are experts in Safety Instrument Systems (SIS) and functional safety projects. We use our TÜV-certified Functional Safety Management System (FSMS) to ensure all work complies with the reliability criteria of the standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards.
All safety life-cycle steps are recorded and documented, and their history can be fully tracked back for every discipline (process, mechanical, electrical & instrumentation, controls, materials and functional safety).
The Frames team offers a wide range of solid experience and expertise in applying the IEC standards as well as hazard (HAZOP) studies, fault-tree analysis, and third-party certification.

Our added value

  • Expert in integrating Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Multidisciplinary organization (process, mechanical, electrical & instrumentation, controls, materials, functional safety)
  • Independent supplier and total solution provider
  • Broad experience and expertise in applying IEC standards
  • Broad experience in hazard (HAZOP) studies, fault-tree analysis, third-party certification
  • Broad experience as an integrator in designing, building and testing fully integrated systems

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