Gas Separation

In the first step of bulk separation, gas is separated from oil and water. The gas will be treated in gas scrubbers, this is an essential part of the gas treatment. By efficiently removing the entrained liquids and solids, Frames enhances the separation performance to meet the process guarantees required for further gas treatment.

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Separating gas from oil and water

About Gas Separation

Efficient and reliable gas scrubbers, filters and slug catchers are crucial for the continuity and efficiency of operations. After all, they protect important downstream equipment such as compressors.
Our team of engineers makes a thorough analysis of the composition of the raw gas, as well as the output demands of the gas scrubbers, filters and slug catchers. As a result, they are able to design smart solutions that produce clean, ready-to-use gas streams, perfect for use as fuel or lift gas, or ready for resale. In order to meet stringent process guarantees, Frames designs solutions that enhance the separation performance required for further gas treatment.

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Our approach through CFD analysis

We are always looking for new solutions that improve productivity, cut operating costs, and give our clients a competitive edge.

Our clients can rely on our ability to find the best solution,
thanks to sharp thinking and a deep understanding of their operating conditions. Using CFD analysis and our in-house test facility, Frames continually optimizes and develops the process internals for a range of applications. By using our in-house process engineering knowledge, pressure vessel dimensions can also be optimized.

Our added value

  • Designed according to the system’s unique requirements, with vessel dimension optimization
  • Fully integrates into operational systems, optimizing production processes
  • Proven processes and cutting-edge technology
  • Worldwide, 24/7 service with full, expert support