Amine absorption can effectively remove CO2 from biogas. GALLOXOL® is a second-generation CO2 removal technology that combines the desirable properties of amine with the neglectable volatility and high stability of a salt. Applicable under oxidizing and reducing gas environment, the GALLOXOL® solvent is biodegradable and safe to handle. Use of GALLOXOL® results in a cost-effective solution, with reduced environmental impact and improved CO2 quality compared to standard amine solutions.

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Capturing industrial CO2

The challenge in capturing CO2 from flue gas

Removing CO2 is integral part of our gas upgrading roots. The challenge in Capturing CO2 from biogas lies in the low CO2 partial pressure of the biogas originating from the digester in combination with typical deep CO2 removal requirement. The low driving forces for CO2 capture require an inventive and selective capture solution to produce high purity bio methane. At the same time the capture solution should be able to deal with biogas pollutants but stay cost effective. As green technology it should also be assured that the CO2 capture technology creates no emission of its own.


Our approach in reducing your carbon footprint

Frames is able to provide clients with an advanced CO2 capture solution based on accelerated salt technology. This flue gas washing technology is based on a family (Galloxol®) of environmentally friendly, stable and economical washing liquids which are operated in an optimised absorptive desorption cycle. Our CO2 capture technology provide solutions matched to customer requirements and markets, including:

  • Greenhouse sector
  • Industrial carbonation of brines
  • CO2 & technology for bicarbonate production
  • Pulp and Paper Industries
  • Acidification of Industrial streams (CO2 under pressure)
  • Inert gas applications
  • Food sector
Turn-key industrial scale projects incorporating our CO2 capture technology and incorporating our pre & post processing technologies providing attractive business propositions to our clients are our focus.
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Our added value in capturing CO2 from flue gas

  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Applicable to customer requirements in various markets
  • GALLOXOL® creates no emission of its own
  • Incorporating CO2 capture technology in Turn-key industrial scale projects
  • Incorporating pre & post processing technologies 
  • Providing attractive business propositions