Fuel Gas Treatment

Fuel gas conditioning systems, also known as fuel gas filtration and heating packages, are designed to deliver clean, treated natural gas with the right pressure. Conditioning is crucial to the performance and lifetime of gas-driven equipment such as turbines and generators. The treated gas can also be used as seal gas, blanketing gas or utility gas.

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Gas filtration and heating packages

About Fuel Gas Treatment

Fuel gas conditioning systems typically consist of a scrubber vessel or knock-out drum, filter-separator, heaters, pressure reduction, emergency/operational valves, and (flow) metering. The systems are often placed downstream of the production header or glycol contactor/separator. Fuel gas conditioning systems protect gas-fueled engines and turbines from over-pressure, liquids, solids and aerosols.
Fuel gas first enters a scrubber or knock-out drum to remove liquids entrained in the gas, which can cause condensates to form due to the adiabatic cooling effect of the pressure reduction. In some cases, pre-heating is required before the gas pressure is reduced to the level required by the end-user. After the pressure has been reduced by means of pressure control valves, the gas is channeled to the filter-separator to further remove any liquid as well as solid particles.

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Our approach to delivering clean gas

At Frames, we combine decades of extensive experience in providing high-end hydraulic systems for the upstream oil and gas industry with state-of-the-art technology to create innovative systems and solutions, solving all challenges presented to us by our clients.
We have been providing tailor-made solutions since 1984, and our systems ensure safe control of processes at oil and gas plants operated by corporate end-users located worldwide. From concept through to design, production, testing and delivery, we will use the latest technology to precisely meet your needs.

We are solution-oriented and we understand your industry. Thanks to our global office and service network, international supply chain and partnerships with leading vendors, we are able to supply the best systems to precisely meet all your requirements.

Our added value

  • Optimized and custom-built process system design, fully validated by industry-leading software, including UniSim® and HYSYS®
  • Full service for guaranteed progress and singlepoint accountability
  • Cost-effective modular units with low installation and operating costs
  • Built to match your unique gas composition and operating conditions
  • Suitable for onshore and offshore, harsh environments and tight plot spaces
  • Proven processes and cutting-edge technology