Early Production Facilities

From discovery to commercial production, time is the key to achieving top financial performance. To ensure rapid production of your new oil and gas finds, Frames has developed Early Production Facilities (EPFs) based on our family of Frames technologies and solutions, in combination with Frames specifications and a modular approach.

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A modular approach to meet the requirements of your oil and gas fields

About Early Production Facilities

Our family of EPFs is designed to meet requirements of oil and gas fields. We offer separate solutions for oil or gas production facilities, or a combined facility that will efficiently handle both oil and gas using a single communication, command and management module.
Frames EPFs can be delivered in a fast turnkey operation with transparent deliverables including well site equipment, utilities, control rooms, civil works, plant commissioning and long-term operation. Once on site, our team will be working with our global network of local partners to complete all site activities, and bring the facility into safe production as quickly as possible.

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Our approach to Early Production Facilities and other Integrated solutions

At Frames, we work as a coordinated team that focuses on integrated solutions such as Total Plant Solutions, Modules and EPF Projects. We strongly believe that our product know-how translates into added value for the management of these complex projects. Our multi-disciplinary engineering teams are managed by a project manager who is the single point of contact for our clients.
With many years of experience in working on projects of all sizes, Frames has learned to execute its projects according to the highest safety standards. Having overall process knowledge, project execution and interface management experience, Frames offers complete package deals.

Our added value

  • Experience ranging from concept studies through plant start-up
  • Short overall project implementation time (when delivery is very critical) – see EPF leaflet
  • Fully in compliance with all client specifications
  • Single-point responsibility for all plant interfaces
  • Modularized approach for ease of transportation and easy field installation
  • Fully committed project team to meet project milestones
  • Local fabrication possibilities worldwide
  • Reliable in-house technology