Condensate Stabilization

Hydrocarbon liquids originating from the treatment of natural gas or associated gas streams used to be considered a waste byproduct stream, and were consequently flared off. We can turn this waste into a valuable product and ‘Condensate Stabilization’ could be the technology to facilitate this process.

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Turning hydrocarbon liquids into valuable products

About the product

Condensate Stabilization is used to meet the required specifications for the safe transportation of condensate, and can also be used in downstream processes. The presence of lighter hydrocarbons in the condensate causes it to be more volatile. Condensate stability is specified in True Vapor Pressure or Reid Vapor Pressure (TVP or RVP).
Stabilization refers to the boiling off of light hydrocarbons from the condensate that would otherwise increase the vapor pressure when conditions are fluctuating. The boiled-off light fractions can be reintroduced into the upstream process, further minimizing the waste stream.
Components are selected in close cooperation with the client, based on available energy resources and downstream requirements.

Download the product leaflet about Condensate Stabilization and receive more detailed information about the product:

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Our approach to Condensate Stabilization

Since this process is all about value creation from waste streams, efficient power consumption is one of the main considerations during the design stage. The added value of Frames lies in the sharp and clever designing of the condensate stabilization depending on the client´s needs. By measuring the vapor pressure and controlling the heat input, energy consumption can be made even more efficient in fluctuating conditions.

This type of packages also fits the global anti-flaring policy, and therefore final destination could be remote or already packed locations as part of a plant upgrade. In order to minimize on-site construction time, the condensate stabilization packages are delivered skid-mounted, ready for installation.

Our added value

  • Designed to match your unique gas composition and operating conditions
  • Modularized packages that fit seamlessly into your production system
  • Full consultation service to ensure condensate stabilization delivers a clear return on investment
  • Low-maintenance units designed for minimum operating costs